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I drew a butterfly with Fresco for iPad

Adobe Fresco is an app for watercolor and oil painting. You can also draw in the familiar vector format with illustrator. This time, I painted butterfly wings with watercolor and oil paints to get used to Fresco.

First draw a simple butterfly with line art.

Here is the butterfly wings painted with a watercolor brush. You can express the bleeding peculiar to watercolor painting. You can also adjust the amount of bleeding with the amount of water. It’s amazing to see how the paint spreads in real time.

Here is the oil painting. You can express the uneven feeling peculiar to oil painting.

Here I painted the base with oil painting and used a watercolor brush on it. I wonder if this is easier to understand the unevenness of the oil painting. It has become a unique atmosphere mixed with oil painting and watercolor painting.

I drew this with Fresco on my iPhone while being shaken by the train on my way to work. I drew it with my finger on a small screen, but it didn’t look like a butterfly.

You now know the general features of Fresco. There are many types of brushes, so it will take time to understand the characteristics of each. However, it is an app that can be operated intuitively and is fun to use above all.