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When I drew an apple with Adobe Fresco, it turned into a cherry

Since I understood the rough usage of Fresco in the last time, I tried oil painting. If you say that a beginner of oil painting draws, it is an apple. First, draw a rough sketch, then gradually paint the brighter areas from the darker areas. And I blurred the boundaries of the colors.

Here is the completed. This isn’t an apple, it’s a cherry, isn’t it?

I didn’t realize it when I was engrossed in drawing, but an apple with a perfectly round shape is impossible. Also, apples have dots, but this apple doesn’t. If you look at it calmly after completing it, it’s full of bad things.

I couldn’t draw the apple very well, but I know Fresco is a great app. Normally, oil painting involves repeating the process of painting and drying for several days, but Fresco allows you to paint without worrying about it, and if you make a mistake, you can start over.

Next, I drew clouds. The order of coloring is the opposite of the apple, I painted the bright part and then the dark part. I will continue to do my best.