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When I was drawing sand, the sun went down

I was crazy about drawing sand with Photoshop and Fresco. Reminds me of playing in the sand when I was a kid.

First, in Photoshop, apply noise to a plane with a filter to create the base sand. It’s like the sand of the Sahara desert turned red by the setting sun. I’ve never actually been there, so it’s just an image.

Next, use Fresco’s brush to add a lot of shadows and a little highlight and blur it to create ripples. You can do the same thing with Photoshop, but here I will draw with Fresco.

And I drew a lot of sand ripples on the sand. It is interesting to change the sand color and sand ripples.

This one has a gradation.

I made the sand gray and arranged the sand ripples regularly.

Here, I roughened the particles and arranged the sand ripples irregularly. I feel like I’m playing with sand.