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What is the reason why Zofmax who is always challenging new things, chose Surface?

Do you know the Surface series? A Laptop made by Microsoft. It’s a Microsoft PC that makes Windows, so it’s a special existence in itself.

I asked Mr. Zofuma, a laptop evangelist (self-proclaimed), who loves the stylish and lightweight Surface Laptop Go 2 model of the Surface series.

The one and only existence of Surface Laptop Go 2

Takahashi: I think you were using Fujitsu Limited FMV LIFEBOOK until the other day. Why did you switch to Surafce?

Zofmax: LIFEBOOK was super lightweight and not bad. Except for one thing. I didn’t have 4GB of memory. Don’t hesitate to do anything. So I sold it in 2 weeks. If it was 8GB, I would definitely still be using it.

Takahashi: Will it be sold in two weeks? What about your Surface?

Zoffma: My first impression of the Surface was that it worked very well with its texture. MacBook-like or less. For the color, I chose the new color sage (green). Sage is also said to be the etymology of sausage, and has a strong aroma and a little bitterness. In Europe, it is an herb that is used when you want to clean up oily dishes such as meat dishes. This kind of color has never been seen on a laptop so far, so it’s fresh. I like it because it expresses the delicate green color of plants. Personally, I think it’s a laptop that doesn’t feel out of place even if it appears in Walden’s “Life in the Woods.”

Takahashi: Um, how’s the usability? In particular, I felt that the movements were heavy.

Zofmax: I don’t know how to use it. I haven’t used it yet lol

Takahashi: That’s right…

Surface Laptop Go 2 that hasn’t even been initialized yet

Takahashi: Do you plan to use the Surface for the time being?

Zofmax: That’s what I intend to do. But if something new comes out, I might switch to it.

Takahashi: The reason Mr. Zofma chose Surface was because it was on sale. Thank you very much.